JRS-Bericht zur Situation von somalischen Frauen auf Malta


This booklet is the outcome of group sessions held by JRS Malta with Somali women, most of  whom are awaiting the outcome of their asylum application. The aim of the JRS project was to  make the women aware that they could actually be active agents of change in their own lives,  to identify challenges they face as migrants in Malta and to help them to advocate for improved  services. This reflects our policy to include an advocacy element in our programs and to advocate  not only for but with refugees. The women who contributed to this booklet all had  their initial asylum application rejected – a few had received a second rejection on appeal as well – and  all were in detention when we started the group  sessions. The decision to work with women who  had been in detention for a long time was a natural  one for JRS to take because we always prioritise  people who find themselves in this predicament.